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Our Sydenham team have been specialising in quick and efficient panel beating, painting, and car repairs since 2007.

We work with all insurance companies, simplifying the claim process. From minor dents to significant damages, Rosiez handles all sorts of repair work, transforming your problem vehicle. Loan cars or vans are also available for hire whilst your vehicle is in the shop — just let us know what you need.

Book your fast and reliable repairs by calling 03 962 1717 or visiting our main site on Byron Street, Sydenham. Rosiez — getting you back on the road swiftly and with confidence.

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Our team in Sockburn has been handling ‘fast’ accident and collision repairs since 2012, getting rid of all those dings, dents and scratches on your vehicle.

We use the latest panel beating and painting technology to help us turn around your repairs fast, whilst guaranteeing quality workmanship to get you back on the road sooner. Our Sockburn workshop is ideal for repairing larger vehicles like trucks, camper vans, and commercial fleets.

Do you live and work around the south of Christchurch? Is youe vehicle covered in ugly dents and scratches? We can guide you through the insurance process and get you safely back on the road. Just let us know if you need a loan car or van when you get in touch. To book with Rosiez Sockburn, contact us on 03 962 1717.

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Our latest branch

Our latest, state of the art panel beating workshop opened at the Iport in Rolleston late in 2018. Our custom built workshop is designed with your vehicle in mind, helping sort your accident and insurance repair as fast as possible. With chassis machines, hoists ad car bake ovens, we can restore your vehicle in no time.

Whether you need repairs to your motorbike, minivan, or front end digger and loader, we can get your vehicle safe and back on the road.

The benefit of belonging to a Christchurch wide network of panel and paint repair specialists is that we always have the best people and skills on had to repair your car.

Need a loan car or van while your vehicle is in our workshop? Let us know — book now on 03 962 1717.

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Rosiez collision repairs

high Standards of Service

Because new cars, motorbikes, vans and trucks are always being released, it’s our responsibility to keep up-to-date so we can repair the cars of today. We are constantly up-skilling and training our team around the latest repair methods.

For your peace of mind, we are part of the Collision Repair Association (CRA), a certified structural repair centre that monitors the industry to make sure you and your car are receiving the highest levels of care. Rosiez Collision Repairs is a "Code of Practice" certified repairer, the highest level of CRA status.

We offer free loan cars and vans to help you get back on the road and about your business. If you need a loan car while your vehicle is being repaired, just let us know.


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Panel Beating

We provide skilled restoration of damaged body panels through reshaping, repairing, and refinishing for a pristine appearance.

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Had an Accident?

We offer comprehensive restoration of vehicles after accidents, addressing structural, body, and mechanical damage for complete recovery.

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Spray Painting

We apply colour and protective coatings to surfaces for a visually appealing and durable finish.

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